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Sunday Programs

HV Dryer Tech: Essential Force Drying Facts & Methods

Dave Campanella

Discover what really matters for enhanced dryer performance. While tub time and liquid products are critical parts of the grooming process, one’s HV drying methods are typically overlooked, undervalued and misunderstood. This seminar provides a complete understanding of the drying process backed by science and proven secrets of the trade. Learn how to avoid creating more tangles, release more matts & shedding. Replace brushing all by using your dryer to its utmost potential. Ever wonder what the difference is between all those different nozzles? Do Amps or Horse Power really matter? What is CFM? Know what to look for in a new dryer and simple maintenance tips. A fresh perspective and “must see” for any salon owner, mobile business or start-up!

It’s About Time: Anne’s Shop Shortcuts

Anne Francis

Anne Francis will discuss timesaving techniques she utilizes every day in the professional grooming salon. Whether you are new to grooming or established and just looking for a few timesaving tips, Anne has got some great ideas. Sometimes referred to as ‘Edward Scissorhands’ by her boss, she has streamlined her approach to grooming everything from the Beagle to the Bouvier! Come ready to learn and see some of the pro tips from this member of GroomTeam USA!

Mixed Breed Makeover

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer is known in her area for giving mixed breeds a whole new look and you won’t want to miss her tips and tricks in this demo. She will show you how to achieve balance and corrective style. She will use clippers and scissors to give the mixed breed a finished look that you would be proud to have walk out of your salon.

The Art of Hand Stripping: Part Two

Ashley Julien

In this seminar, Ashley will go over the actual process of hand stripping and how to set a pattern. She will cover specific breed characteristics within the coat and will then further discuss rolling a coat and how to maintain a tight, layered appearance. She will cover carding; what is it; what the benefits are and how to execute it. Ashley will also go over topics like signs of hand stripping gone wrong, when and how to use shears to mimic hand stripping on pets versus full hand stripping on show dogs, different approaches to shaping heads and furnishings, and how hormones affect the coat and ways to work through it.

How to Add Cat Grooming to Your Salon

Mary Oquendo

Cat grooming is an under-tapped market. Let Mary walk you through adding cat grooming to your existing business or better yet, become your area's cat only grooming facility. Some of the topics covered will be pricing, setup for cat grooming (shop, house call, and mobile), and marketing.

Don’t Give It Away! How Much Are You Worth an Hour?

Cheryl Purcell

Many groomers set their prices by what the shop down the street charges. That’s not how we should be setting prices. What you need to charge per dog and what I need to charge per dog are different because our costs to operate are different. Every groomer should know what they need to generate per hour in order to make a living wage. In this seminar, Cheryl will walk you through the process she uses to figure out how much you should be charging.

Wait! What’s a Resumé?

Kathryn Dixon

You’re surfing help wanted ads and the perfect opportunity pops up! It has all the benefits you’re looking for AND you meet the qualifications. Then, that dreaded one-liner shows up at the bottom. “Please send your resumé to ...”

Does the thought of writing about yourself or summing up your work history give you anxiety? If you’d love to create your own resumé but you don’t know where to start; or if your current resumé could use some sprucing up, this class is for you! We’ll also discuss the ins and outs of cover letters, references, and portfolios - all tailored to the pet grooming professional!

The Kerry Blues

Erin McLaughlin

This is a beautiful breed and as they become more popular, one you should add to your repertoire. Watch as Erin demonstrates how to groom a Kerry to breed standard. Learn to understand what the standard says and how to implement it into your trims at home. Erin will give you the tips to make your Kerry stand out in the crowd. She will also be discussing the steps to prepare the Kerry for a grooming competition. If you are interested in competing but are unsure where to start, this is the class for you. Or if you just want to improve on your Kerry clients then you won’t want to miss these tips.

Mobile Grooming: What They Don't Tell You!

Krystal Purcell

Learn from GroomTeam USA member, Krystal Purcell how she has dealt with some of the not so common mobile issues. From mechanical malfunctions, to over 100" of snow, Krystal Purcell teaches you how to overcome even the toughest challenges of mobile grooming!