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Sunday Programs

Introduction to Rabbits for Groomers

Anjie Coates

Rabbits require regular grooming maintenance just like a dog or cat, but few groomers have the education to offer them services. This class can change that! Let Anjie show you proper handling, tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, and body language, all of which differ vastly from dogs and cats.

The Life of a Professional Groomer

Joey Villani

Getting up early, going home late, working on scheduled days off, and everything else in between—all of this and still struggling to make ends meet? Doesn’t sound like an ideal career, does it? But there’s no reason why that sacrifice should not pay off and offer a happy, successful life. Listen to an expert as he guides you through your day to make it a happy, productive, and profitable venture.

Super Styling The Mixed Breed

Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs

In this seminar, Sue and Jay will be teaching different thinning and blending techniques to achieve a natural-looking finish on the mixed breed. “This demo will focus on adding personality to an average looking dog,” says Jay. “We will show how to balance the head in with the rest of the body and how to set the length with clippers to cut out a lot of thinning and scissoring. This will help save time with the finishing process.”

Handling Behavior Problems

Chrissy Neumyer Smith

In this seminar, Chrissy will cover how to help dogs learn to behave for the grooming process. How does understanding behavior help us? How can we prevent one behavior and build another? How much of this is done during grooming? All of this will be covered in this information-packed seminar!

Setting the Pattern on the Continental Trim

Julie Pantages

In this seminar, Julie will go over how to cut out a Poodle into a Continental, how to set the pattern, and why we put what where. Julie will also share tips and tricks that can accentuate or de-accentuate strengths and faults on your dog.

Dealing with the Delusional: Groomer Edition

Kelsey Ann Sexton

Ever feel like you’re your own worst enemy? Do you overbook yourself and burn the candle at both ends? Are you striving for perfection and chasing your tail? As groomers, our work can be a direct reflection of our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. In this class, Kelsey Ann Sexton will teach you self-care skills and how to incorporate habits that will help you avoid burnout. Start taking care of yourself and leave the tail-chasing to the dogs!

Adding Flare, Cutting Time

Blake Hernandez

Here's your time to shine! In this one-hour demo, you will learn how Blake can transform even the scruffiest mess into the perfectly-fluffed beauty. Snap-on combs and quick tool and anatomy tricks to set you on your way will be demonstrated.

Building Your Dream Team in an Uncertain Job Market

Denise Heroux

Today's job market is an uncertain one, and finding employees has become an even more daunting task for business owners. Employers must create a marketing strategy to find the right employees and show exactly why their company might be a better fit than the many other companies hiring. In this seminar, Denise will cover how to find your business's core foundation and hone into your ideal employee. Plus, she'll share prized marketing tactics for job ads and where to place them.