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Friday Programs

Drab Doodle to Fab Doodle

Elli Bultemeier

Let's be honest, we all want to do that super cute, long, fluffy doodle cut. And in a perfect world, that's great, but it's not practical! Quit doing the same old doodle haircuts and learn some easy tricks to make even short hairstyles look cute. We don't have to hate all the doodles—take advantage of their cuteness and amplify it!

Super Styling the Doodle

Sue Zecco

"Designer Breeds" like doodles quickly became popular, and every groomer should know how to groom and maintain them. There is some challenge involved by deciding how to best groom them to accommodate and please your customers, while also making it easy to maintain for you and the owner. In this seminar, Sue will show you how to create a cute and stylish pet trim by using thinning shear and scissor techniques that are quick and easy to apply in your shop.

Angulation for All Breeds: Doodle Style

Anne Francis

In this demo-style seminar, we will take a closer look at body shape and proportion; coat texture and unique bone structure; proper product application and finish. You will leave feeling confident in recommending the proper groom for the client on your table. Anne will use all of her tips and tricks to achieve balance, symmetry and angulation on the breed presented, as well as discuss how you can achieve beautiful trims on every dog.

Delighting the Doodle Owner

Chris Anthony

Doodles; love them or loathe them, they are only growing in popularity. But decoding exactly what their owners want (much less actually delighting them) can be challenging. In this class, Chris will discuss breaking the news of the dreaded “shave-down” gently, realistic coat maintenance, and, with the help of a living unicorn (a tangle-free doodle in long coat), learn some quick & easy chunker tricks to add some style to the traditional doodle trim.

Techniques of a Scissor Wizard

Julie Pantages

In this seminar, Julie will go over tips and tricks that will help you get that perfect velvet finish that you see in the contest ring. She will start with the basics of proper prep work and then work on scissoring techniques that will give you a beautiful finish even on softer coats.

Let's Face It

Jayne Gallagher

Join Jayne in this face focused demonstration. The eyes are the window to the soul, and with our dogs, that statement couldn’t ring more true. That being said, many stylists get stuck, not knowing the best way to convey the beauty of the dogs to our clients. Let’s Face It will be an extremely engaging and informative session, focused on the face and expression, that will help revolutionize the way stylists will send dogs out of their salons. Learn how to sculpt adorable faces and highlight the best features of the many different types of dogs that come into your everyday salon.

Everyday 9-5 Grooming

Kelsey Ann Sexton

Let’s get in the flow and enjoy the workday! Join Kelsey Ann Sexton as she shares and demonstrates some quick tips to zhuzh up your everyday dog grooming routines. You will learn tips for home-grooming fixes that took out hair in all the wrong places and leaving hair in certain areas to give owners the fluffy illusion without sending home higher-maintenance grooms. She will also discuss tactics for strategic mat removal that keeps the dog comfortable and how to make even a shave-down look cute!

Time-Saving Snap-On Combs

Jay Scruggs

Getting a smooth finish can be achieved with snap-on combs and thinning shears, and Jay will show you how! He will discuss coat textures, applications and techniques that will save minutes off every groom, as well as balance, blending, softening and finishing of pet trims that will put your grooming over the top!

Troubleshooting Employee Issues

Denise Heroux

Do you feel like you keep hitting a brick wall managing people? Does it leave you questioning having employees? If yes, then this seminar is for you! Denise will discuss some of the most common problems that employers run into with having employees. This seminar will also help you strategize ways to confront them head on and move forward to a stronger team.

Future-Proof Your Business

Donovan Gallagher

Computers and tech are all around us—in our phones, our cars, and our homes—and no matter how you fight it, the grooming industry is incorporating them at a rapid pace. Our pet parents desire convenient and instant access to our businesses, memberships and “pay ahead” features are in high demand, social media is more important than ever, and the younger generation craves online booking over calling in for appointments. Learn how to simplify the transition from pen and paper to modern salon management and how it can change your life for the better.

When Your Customer Asks You to Be a Vet

Dr. Cliff Faver

In this seminar, Dr. Faver will discuss common ailments or diseases that your customers may ask you to treat. In addition, he will give you tips on when and what situations you should refer to a veterinarian, what problems you can handle as a groomer, and the legal issues involved with treating a customer’s pet.

Money in the Bank: Retirement and Succession Planning

Elli Bultemeier

Wait...retirement...that exists? What’s that magic age you want to be done? How the heck are you going to get there? In this seminar, Elli breaks down how to achieve long-term success and plan for our future. As a customer said just the other day “What, do you plan to be a millionaire by 50?” Damn right, I’d love to!

Friday Evening

Creative: From Blank Canvas to Finished Product

Alyssa Kasiba

In this two-hour class, Pooch Perfect Finalist Alyssa Kasiba will show you how to go from a blank canine canvas to beautiful pup art by showing you her way of dye application, hair isolation, product processing tips, and explain the washing process. With this info you will know how to get the picture from your head onto the dog you’re working on effectively and, most of all, safely.

Poodles in Black & White

Macie Pisa

Learn the ABC’s of Poodle grooms with GroomTeam member Macie Pisa. Before starting the groom, it is important to learn the dog’s unique shape and create a plan. This live demo will go over the basics of structure, angles, and achieving a balanced cut that compliments the dog’s conformation. Macie breaks down the process into easy-to-follow steps that are sure to improve your skill set.