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Saturday Programs

Let’s Airbrush! No Talent Needed!

Milena Kon

Want to do something extraordinary and out of this world for your clients? Want to try something excitingly new and colorful, and out of the box? Milena will help you gain confidence and mastery over the airbrush, a complex tool with numerous ways of use. Learn the importance of choosing the right equipment for each design and an understanding on how to create simple or broad lines, to adding a single perfect rose or airbrush an entire bouquet of flowers. Let your imagination go wild, and let’s airbrush!

Supercharge Your Grooming

Victor Rosado

In this seminar you will find out how to make the best out of your grooming by adding up extras that will make your cash drawer smile. These are the financial aspects that can maximize your everyday grooming.

Streamline Your Grooming Process with Less Liquids

Dave Campanella

Let’s be frank. Your business runs on shampoo, and “Tub Time” is the most critical phase of the grooming process. There are so many brands, products and smells…Where do you start? The liquid products you choose can definitely make or break your success. Learn what key ingredients to look for, understand pH, bust the myths behind dilution rates, conditioners, whiteners, deodorizers, facial washes and more. Most importantly you’ll learn the science-based facts and references for getting the best results with less inventory, less effort and less expense!

Super Styling the Cocker

Sue Zecco

Are you having a tough time keeping your Cockers mat-free? Do you know where to set your lines? Learn cocker pet trims that follow correct breed profiles as well as variations that make life easier for you and the owner. Sue will give you tips on quick pet trims for this popular breed and will also review a few carding techniques. You won’t want to miss this fun, informative demonstration.

The Pet German Trim

Julie Pantages

This European style has recently become more and more popular in the states. From short ears with no more mats and water bowl dunking, to losing the pompom tail, the German clip is very modern and much less "Fi Fi". This seminar will show you how to add flare and pizzazz to a tighter pet version of the clip and how to sell it to your clients.

The Care and Feeding of Your Business Finances

Jeri Ann Cook

Figuring out how to manage your financial books can be frustrating, daunting, or just downright scary. In this presentation, Jeri Ann Cook will explain the ins and outs of managing the finances of your pet business by comparing the various aspects with raising pets. This isn’t your usual Bookkeeping 101 seminar!

Asian Style Trims for the Everyday Groomer

Joshua Morales

In this seminar, Joshua will show you how to make the Asian style practical and prosperous for your business.

The Fourteen Coat Types and How to Correctly Groom Them

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

While there has never been an official list of dog coat types for the grooming industry, maybe there ought to be! Individual dogs vary even within breeds, so knowing what tools and techniques are appropriate to the coat type presented to you for grooming is essential. Jennifer has identified and compiled fourteen distinct coat types that require specific and separate grooming strategies and equipment. Each one has "Do's and Don'ts" based on the actual scientific, genetic, and physical structure of the hair or fur of that type dog. Learn how to groom each coat type based on the best practices for those breeds. All coat types fall into two general genetic categories - Hair and Fur. You will be able to separate the "matting" from the "shedding", and even learn to deal with those dogs that have both! After this seminar, you will be able to set yourself apart as the groomer in your area that is an expert on differing canine coat types and their proper care.

Behavior Change Strategies for the Grooming Table

Chrissy Neumyer Smith

In this seminar, Chrissy will cover how to help dogs learn to behave for the grooming process. How does understanding behavior help us? How can we prevent one behavior and build another? How much of this is done during grooming? All of this will be covered in this information-packed seminar!

Behavior Change Strategies for the Grooming Table has been approved by the CCPDT for 1 CEUs for trainers and 0 CEUs for behavior consultants.

Barkleigh's Marketing Tips Revealed!

Evan Gummo

A strategic social media presence for modern businesses cannot be understated! In this one-hour sit-down with Barkleigh’s Social Media Coordinator, learn why marketing online is so crucial. You’ll walk away with tools to improve your advertising through social platforms using current trends, keywords and eye-catching imagery.

Occupational Hazards

Cheryl Purcell

Is getting bit part of the job? It shouldn’t be. As pet groomers, we do what we do because we love animals. But this love of pets also puts us in harm’s way on a daily basis. We need to learn the hazards of our profession and how to minimize the effects of the job on ourselves. Cheryl will go over some of the most common hazards, how to identify them, and most importantly, how to minimize or prevent them.