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Saturday Programs

I Want to Be the Very Best at Yorkies!

Markie James

Have issues with those round yorkie faces? Can't get those drop-coated feet quite right? Have problems with those yorkie attitudes? In this class, Markie James will go over and demonstrate multiple yorkie pet trims that your clients (and pups) will love! She will teach easy-to-apply techniques and tips to get those perfect trims and finishes on those finicky yorkie coats.

The Wellness Salon

Joey Villani

It doesn’t take much to add a full spa day to your salon or mobile—and Joey will show you how! With slight changes and a different approach, become the ultimate wellness salon and not only pamper man’s best friend, but also increase profits.

An In-Depth Guide to Safely Storing and Dispensing Grooming Liquids

Dave Campanella

While the post-COVID world has reinforced the importance of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing in our salons; the same cannot be said for caring for our grooming liquids. Sadly, the reality of shampoo spoilage more often than not comes down to genuine ignorance and neglect by the user. This seminar acknowledges the misunderstood details behind product spoilage and contamination in the bathing room. It explains the role water plays in fostering bacteria, product contamination, and potential skin reactions. Learn the necessary tips and protocols required to be self-accountable for proper storage, dispensing, and managing inventory. Avoid potential problems and liability issues from happening under your watch.

Terrific Terriers… Sue’s Way!

Sue Zecco

“You can achieve a natural look on a terrier without hand-stripping that every discriminating pet owner will love,” says Sue. In this seminar, Sue will demo her winning techniques on achieving the correct lines on terriers using clippers that will offer a natural look on a pet trim. Sue will also discuss the difference in terrier heads.

Service Innovation & Differentiation

Lory Belanger

Join Lory in this seminar to explore how to stand out from the competition by continuously innovating and differentiating offerings, creating unique value propositions, and adapting to changing customer preferences.

The Dreaded Deshed

Dr. Cliff Faver

Desheds are time consuming and hard on a groomer’s body long term. Learn tips and techniques that actually make this job easier by working smarter. Learn ways to minimize the work and, even in some cases, eliminate the need by better education for the client, more efficient techniques, and products that do the hard work for you.

Shear Madness

Mackensie Murphy

Mackensie Murphy is one of the industry’s most awarded groomers when it comes to her scissoring, and she has a wealth of knowledge to offer! Let her break down the ins and outs of every groomer’s most used tool. Mackensie will teach you everything from finding the right shear for you to how to make that shiny new purchase do exactly what you want it to do when you get back to the salon!

Policies for Employee and Business Success

Denise Heroux

Adding to your team can seem like a very overwhelming task. The trick for setting your business up for success when adding employees is making sure you and the business are both prepared. Whether you are new to hiring or feel you need help getting on track with the staff you have, Denise will use her experience gained from years of hiring and maintaining employees to help you design a solid foundation to grow your business while managing employees.

Meow Wow: Alternative Feline Clipst

Dana Chavez-Rey

Tired of the same boring Lion Clip? In this one-hour course, Master Groomer Dana Chavez-Rey, global educator for Andis, shows you how she achieves a dino clip, chevron clip, squirrel clip, and plush clip. She will show you how to blend the mane by plucking or with clippers. As a bonus, she will demonstrate the ever-popular mullet.

Let’s Build That Confidence

Arielle Scavnicky

As a new groomer, we all know how intimidating it can be to make decisions on your own, deal with difficult clients, and start to feel confident on your new career path. In this seminar, Arielle will give you tips and tricks to help build your confidence, increase your speed, and overcome common fears as a new groomer.

Equipment Maintenance and Cleaning

Mindy Dinwiddie

We spend so much money on our tools and equipment to do our job, but are you doing everything you can to keep them in tiptop shape to get the best finish possible? Our tools and equipment are our livelihood. Learn to how keep everything running smoothly and why it is so important to maintain upkeep. Mindy will walk you through daily to yearly maintenance to preserve that like-new feeling.

The Bath is Everything

Suzanne Marchetti

Bathing is the most important aspect of a great groom. As the bather, you are in charge of the foundation of the groom, the dog’s first impression of the grooming experience, and the first line of defense for health issues. Done correctly, it is a huge asset to the groom but, done incorrectly, it may cost valuable time and sometimes even a client. In this seminar, we will be covering tips and tricks for different aspects, from the pre-evaluation to the final brush-out. A special emphasis will be put on making sure that the problem areas are addressed as well as ways to enhance or maximize what you do.