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Sunday Programs

Not Just Fur: Pet Ears, Eyes, And Teeth For Groomers

Mary Oquendo

This comprehensive seminar covers everything a groomer needs to know about pet teeth, ears, and eyes. Mary will discuss the anatomy, possible injuries, and what to look for as a groomer, as well as add-on services that can be offered. For dental, she will share the importance of a home dental program, the stages of peridontical disease, and the difference between manual and ultrasonic cleanings.

Leader Of The Pack

Cheryl Purcell

Learn how to be the pack leader of your salon - and not just with the dogs. You need to be the pack leader of your employees and clients, too. Cheryl will teach you how to be an effective alpha without having to face a challenge at every turn.

Understanding Coat Damage, De-Matting, De-Tangling & De-Shedding

Dave Campanella

The most strenuous and time-consuming physical activities groomers struggle with on a daily basis are de-shedding, de-matting, and de-tangling. Many opinions, techniques, tools, and formulas attempt to help tackle these tough challenges, but do you really understand what’s going on from the hair’s perspective to select the most effective approach? You will review demo video and images viewed with an electron microscope of hair samples taken of mats, tangles, and undercoat from several common coat types. You will learn how to safely release more shedding and undercoat with little to no pre-brushing, minimizing your effort, reducing stress, and avoiding muscle strain and even injury to you and your client dogs. Ultimately you will learn to earn more “making masterpieces out of nightmares in record time!”

Super Styling The Bichon Frise

Sue Zecco

Getting the proper breed profile and balance in some dogs is more difficult than in others. The Bichon Frise can fall into the latter category, unless you're equipped with the knowledge and skills incorporated by Sue. You'll learn how to use snap-on combs to establish breed profile and balance in half the time you'd otherwise have to spend. Using these scissor and thinning shear techniques, you'll create the perfect Bichon head, and achieve the beautiful Bichon expression.

Hairless To Hair-Free, Deshedding For Cats

Lynn Paolillo

The biggest complaint you'll hear from cat owners is - they shed so much! Join NCGIA Instructor Lynn Paolillo to discuss selecting the right tools and techniques for de-shedding cats thoroughly and safely. Increase customer satisfaction and your bottom line with this popular add-on service! This lecture includes a live demonstration.

Effectively Selling Add-Ons

Brett Wilson

Tired of adding more dogs each and every day to your schedule to make ends meet? Have you raised prices as much as possible for your area but want more? We have all been there. Join Brett as he discusses creating add-ons that truly work and sell, as well as creating Spa Packages your customers will go crazy for. You will be amazed at how much revenue you can generate by doing very little additional work! Who doesn’t love that?

It's A Snap! Snap-On Combs To Simplify Your Everyday Grooms

Anne Francis

Top competitor and Groomteam USA member Anne has spent her entire career in a salon doing your everyday pet trims, over the years she has figured out to cut down time using snap on combs. Anne will show you all the tricks she has picked up along the way to make your everyday grooming easier and quicker with snap on combs.

Mobile Grooming Safety

Mary Oquendo

Mobile groomers face unique safety challenges that our sister groomers do not. Being aware of what mobile groomers face, we can meet those situations head on. Mary will break down this workshop into 3 categories: our vehicles, work areas, and personal safety.