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Saturday Programs

Branding: The Power Of You!

Khris Berry

How do you set yourself apart in a sea of competitors? Develop a personal brand! This class will help you define and develop your own brand. Whether you are mobile, corporate, solo, or work with other groomers, you can use these skills to distinguish yourself and create your own voice in your everyday workplace. Every customer standing in front of you is an opportunity for you to establish your personal brand. Unleash the power of “You” in your workplace and watch your client base grow.

Anatomy Of Hand Stripping And The Tools Of The Trade

Michelle Knowles

This class will cover anatomy, skin, and needs of the wire coat. It will also demystify the tools and how to use them. An excellent starter class for those who are interested in knowing more about this method.

The Role Of The Groomer In Pet Healthcare

Carol Visser

Groomers, by the nature of what we do, are intimately aware of every pet they see. Veterinarians see a pet on average once a year or in an emergency - we see them far more often so have an obligation to pass on anything we observe. This seminar will focus on recognizing what the red flags are, how to communicate effectively with the owner –when and how-to communicate with the veterinarian –what to do when the veterinarian says “the groomer did it” and ethical considerations – should we call animal welfare, and if so when.

Conquer Bad Hair Days Forever: The Truth About Coat Damage, Mats And Tangles

Dave Campanella

We struggle with de-shedding, de-matting, and de-tangling on a daily basis; many opinions, techniques, tools, and products attempt to tackle these challenges. However, we really need to understand some basic hair physiology and chemistry to select the best approach. We will review client dog video and the hair samples taken and analyzed with electron microscopy, observe coat damage, mats, tangles, and undercoat from several common coat types up-close as never seen before. This data provides keen insight that leads to guaranteed results! Learn how to safely release more shedding and mats while avoiding the risk of further coat damage and messes, eliminate pre-brushing and reduce stress. Create a much calmer environment by avoiding muscle strain and/or injury to you and your client dogs. Save time and earn more just by understanding the “Truth” behind bad hair days!

The Complete Mobile Groomer: Business Of Mobile Grooming

Mary Oquendo

In this mobile grooming seminar, Mary will cover topics such as pricing, methods of payment, graphics, marketing, business structure, insurance, client forms and waivers, and professionalism.

Setting The Pattern On The Continental Trim

Julie Pantages

In this seminar Julie will go over how to cut out a Poodle into a Continental, how to set the pattern and why we put what where. Julie will also share tips and tricks that can accentuate or de-accentuate strengths and faults on your dog.

The Beautiful Bedlington

Olga Zabelinskaya

Olga will discuss the breed standard for the Bedlington Terrier. She will go over the show trim and the easy pet trim. Olga will show dematting techniques, brushing and scissoring for the difficult to style, Bedlington's coat. Olga will also discuss the Bedlington Terrier head and how to avoid common mistakes.

The Treatment Of Allergies And Hair Loss

Michelle Knowles

The seminar will include the discussion of the normal processes of the skin, various causes of allergies that affect the skin, common diseases that cause hair loss, and how to recognize and manage these conditions will be covered. Michelle will specifically address Atopy and Alopecia.

Don’t Give It Away! Do You Know How Much You’re Worth An Hour?

Cheryl Purcell

Many groomers set their prices by what the shop down the street charges. 
That’s not how we should be setting prices. What you need to charge per dog and what I need to charge per dog are different because our costs to operate are different. Every groomer should know what they need to generate per hour in order to make a living wage.

Handling Bad Reviews With A Winning Attitude

Khris Berry

Every business eventually faces the dreaded bad review. Handling bad reviews with class and style is an art - and this seminar will teach you how to navigate the treacherous waters of Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews. You will learn how to craft appropriate responses; emotional, non-emotional, factual, humorous, and many more. Your public response (or lack thereof) to your reviews can be a powerful tool in traversing social media and maintaining your reputation. Learn to respond with passion and confidence and represent your business in a professional manner.

Must Have Cat Grooming Equipment

Mary Oquendo

Thinking about adding cat grooming or interested in learning more about cat specific equipment? There are so many choices available to groomers. It can be quite the maze. Let Mary guide you through and pick the must haves for offering cat grooming in your salon.

Cute, Easy Styles To Make Over Those Mixed Breeds

Cheryl Purcell

So a new client comes in for the first time with their mixed breed and says “Just make her cute”. Cheryl is here to help you come up with cute and easy trims for each dog. Cheryl won her fist competition with a mixed breed, took her first medal at Intergroom with a mixed breed, and is a winner of the Taxi Memorial for best expression on a mixed breed. Whether it’s a mixed breed or a purebred in a non-traditional trim, Cheryl will help you. There will be before and after photos and live demos.