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Saturday Programs

The New Age Salon: Modern Salon Practices, Design, Operations

Khris Berry

This informative seminar delves into the ever-changing landscape of the Modern Pet Salon. Learn how to develop and implement practices which match the ever-changing social fabric of pet owners. Innovation in both your processes and operations will allow you to keep up with the needs of your clients and update your work space.

Mobile: The Good, Bad, & the Ugly

Brett Wilson

Mobile is all the rage these days. What better way to groom less and make more! However, mobile comes with its challenges and obstacles. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of mobile and how it relates to A) Routing B) Maintenance C) What to Charge D) Adding Additional Units E) REBOOKING! Whether you have a mobile currently or are looking to begin mobile, this class is for you. Learn some tricks and tips to more effectively operate your mobile business and enjoy the luxury of a mobile schedule.

Beautiful Bedlington

Sue Zecco

The Bedlington Terrier is one of the rarer breeds. Few have the privilege of grooming the Bedlington. Once known as among the few able to groom the Bedlington, however, you'll find owners seeking you out. The Bedlington combines a very soft coat with a whippet-like appearance, roach back, tassel ears, hare foot, slab side and cone-shaped head. Sue will demonstrate how to groom the Bedlington using snap-on combs and providing visual pointers so that you can say, "yes, I can groom this breed."

Whose Got Your Back When Reactions, Outbreaks And Injuries Happen?

Dave Campanella

Salon injuries and accidents happen. It’s not a matter of “If” something goes wrong, but when, how often or how severe. Confidently assess what has happened, know what to do next and stop repeat occurrences. Dave presents simple methods, facts and resources to face and resolve challenges professionally. Dealing with Clients, Product Manufacturers and Veterinarians can often be more challenging than what actually happened. Know what to say to clients, what to ask when reaching out to manufacturers, and how to score points with Veterinarians. No one gets thrown under the bus ever again.

First Impressions: Making Your Initial Meeting Count

Terrie Hayward

Have you ever heard the saying that first impressions are lasting? This holds true for dogs as well. As such, we only have one opportunity to make that first impression a positive one. There are many strategies that we can employ in order to make your first meeting a good one. Join Terrie Hayward of PAW-Positive Animal Wellness to talk more about techniques and tips to establish that first meeting as the best that it can be and to set you, the dog, and the family up for success and a long, lasting grooming relationship!

Gizmos And Gadgets For Groomers

Cheryl Purcell

You’ve seen all those new tools, now find out how to use them! It seems like every time you open a catalog there’s some new grooming tool. Ever wonder if they're for you? Well, Cheryl, a self-proclaimed gadget junkie, is here to let you know what's worth trying, what you just can’t live without and how to use the tools correctly. Learn how to groom more efficiently, and with less stress.

For The Shear Joy Of It

Dara Forleo

Seeing that pretty dog that just left your shop, clean and neat, is such a great feeling. Do you care for your shears and blades like you care for the pet? This seminar focuses on the “dos and don’ts” and “ins and outs” of shear and blade maintenance. Your hands, thumb and wrist will thank you.

Bleeding Injuries For Groomers

Mary Oquendo

We work with live animals. They zig, we zag and the next thing we know, blood is flowing. This workshop will cover how to stop most bleeding injuries along with what products to use. It will include a demo on wrapping an ear and paw injury.

YELP! Making A Name For Yourself

Cheryl Purcell

Are you getting stepped on by your competitors - or worse - client reviews?

Learn how to use this popular search engine to your advantage. Cheryl will teach you the most effective online marketing tools to use to get your name out there, how to get good reviews and how to deal with the not so good ones.

Handling Techniques For Cat Grooming

Lynn Paolillo

Working with cats is completely different from dog grooming. Learn about working with a cat's temperament, body style, anatomy, and behaviors in order to choose the appropriate handling techniques and grooming services for each cat. This seminar includes a live demonstration.

Poodle In A Scandanavian

Jill Pipino

Looking for a fun way to introduce European flair to your poodle grooming? Add the Scandinavian to your list of poodle trims. Watch as Jill sets the lines on this flashy, modern trim. Learn where and how to place cuffs, get the correct rear angulation, jacket and spray up. She then will show a more modified pet version with a sporty jacket and scissored topknot. Set your grooms apart from the competition.

Utilizing Technology For Your Business

Brett Wilson

Today’s society is changing. Client cards are a thing of the past, and marketing techniques have gotten streamlined with the use of technology. Join Brett as he discusses the ways you can implement technology into your grooming business and make your life less complicated and record keeping seamless.